London Railway Poster (Underground / Tube)

London Railway Poster (Underground / Tube)

Designer: Zero Per Zero

Adorn your walls with a map that is an up-to-date and stylised version of the London tube map. Whether for practical purposes, just for the visual pleasure of it or to quench your appetite all things quintessentially British and Union Jack, this map is a must have. Never get lost again.

City Railway is a new approach to projecting the identity of a city onto its subway map. The design of London Railway System first lays down the zone system taking elements from the circular cross section of the Tube and the Union Jack, and then sets the railway lines on it. The zone system is made up of rectangular zones that grow at regular intervals; this draws the attention to the central part of London as do the diagonal pattens of the Union Jack.

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Dimensions : 88cm x 61cm

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